Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Difficult times

Many sisters have trouble answering the question 'Who Am I?'. I am one of these sisters. Obviously, I'm a muslim, I know my name, my interests, my beliefs and my morals. But sometimes I truely do not know who I am. Why do I believe in cirtain things and not in others... They say Islam is about having peace...I am desperately searching for inner peace and need to immerce myself deeper into my religion. Because If I can obtain peace within my soul and have a greater connection to Allah during Salat then inshallah the any hardships that I might face will become easier to pass through by submitting myself to the 'wil' of Allah.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Unfortunately the UAE does not allow you to hold dual citizenship with another country...My dilemma begins with the idea that my parents have told me to never ever give up my Australian citizenship...but my husband wants me to take UAE citizenship....all the perks i guess...But i was wondering if any body knows a way around giving up my citizenship...and having both...or would anyone out there know whether UAE looks after its citizens as they in Australia we have centerlink and free medical care... hmmm what a dilemma.....

One of the goals for this Blog

One of my main goals for this post is to find other sisters who have emigrated to Abu Dhabi with their Emirate husbands and who themselves are Westerners or simply non-locals. As I know I will have many challenges ahead of myself and would love to meet some friends in the UAE to help me through the many new challenges I will begin to face. If you are in this same circumstance please don't hesitate to contact me on either this site or my gmail account of I would love to meet new sisters for true friendship and good advice....Ps I love the way the hijab is worn here....

Who Am I?

Salaam to all the sister out there around the world. Who am I? Well firstly I'm a Muslim revert. Before i reverted I always admired the beauty of those Muslim women who covered. There was just something about a Muslim who covers that shows so much dignity, respect and beauty on the inside and outside. So after making friends with some sisters i reverted and opened my heart to Islam and embraced the hijab way of life.

Secondly I'm a Mother. The day I had my son was the most wonderful and intense experience that Allah could bestow upon me. I suddenly understood the pure unconditional love that all mothers around the would feel towards their little people (kids). Its a club that I am so happy to be apart of. My little baba was actually born at 35 and a half weeks.. they called it spontaneous labor... hamdullah he is healthy... but wallah he was as small as a loaf of bread... only 2.235 kg... Now I feel so much intensity to protect this little man of mine, I can not even fathom how some evil people could ever hurt a child....This thought makes me feel sick... A child needs to be protected and cherished they are a gift from Allah.

Thirdly, I'm a wife. My Huby is an Emirate local. Currently I'm trying desperately to be patient as he is in the process of obtaining a job... and then the real exciting stuff begins... We will be moving of to Abu Dhabi...It will be a bitter sweet trip though as I will be leaving my parents to be with my husband...but still exciting....You know i can not wait to the moment when I am exit the airport and first lock eyes with my husband... this will be a moment of pure joy...

My husband is missing me and the baby terribly as he calls me at least 7 times a day ... plus skype... I miss him so much... and this helps take the pain away...He just told me last night the offers for jobs are starting to happen... so inshallah today...tomorrow.. or the next he will have a job and we will be on our way over. yey!!!