Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Unfortunately the UAE does not allow you to hold dual citizenship with another country...My dilemma begins with the idea that my parents have told me to never ever give up my Australian citizenship...but my husband wants me to take UAE citizenship....all the perks i guess...But i was wondering if any body knows a way around giving up my citizenship...and having both...or would anyone out there know whether UAE looks after its citizens as they age...like in Australia we have centerlink and free medical care... hmmm what a dilemma.....


  1. Saudi Arabia doesn't allow dual citizenship either, but there are many Americans and Brits married to Saudis who took the Saudi nationality and kept their own nationality. The Saudi gov't does take your passport when you take the Saudi citizenship, but they have to return it to the Embassy, so after that you can get your passport back. I am not sure what the case is for Australians. Maybe you can contact the Australian Embassy in UAE if there is one there.

  2. does Australia allow it? I know as a Canadian, we are allowed to have more then one citizenship, and even if we decide to take another one, we will always remain Canadian. And as a Canadian, we can go to the Canadian embassy and get our passport back without issue.